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Recommended Cycle

1-4 weeksSustanon 2501,000mg per week250mg/ml2 bottles
Testosterone Enanthate1,000mg per week300mg/ml2 bottles
Anadrol 5050 - 100mg per day50mg/ml5 bottles
5-8 weeksSustanon 250500mg per week250mg/ml1 bottle
Testaviron depot1,500mg per week300mg/ml2 bottles
Dianabol50mg per day50mg/ml3 bottles
DECA400mg per week300mg/ml1 bottle
Weeks 9-12Sustanon 250500mg per week250mg/ml1 bottle
Testaviron depot250mg per week300mg/ml1 bottle
DECA400mg per week50mg/ml3 bottles
All daysNolvadexNolvadex 10mg per day all through20mg/ml5 bottles
weeks 2 to 6Proviron50mg per day weeks 2 to 6100mg/ml2 bottles
Weeks 10-11Clomidweek 10 - 50mgs per day for 14 days30mg/ml2 bottles
Per weekHCG2 shots per week of 2500iu with the Clomid5000iu/vial1 kit
Cutting cycle (Simple)
1-8 weeksTestosterone-Enanthate200-250mg every other day300mg/ml2 bottles
Equipoise200mg every other day250mg/ml3 bottles
9-16 weeksTrenbolone-Acetate100mg every other day100mg/ml3 bottles
Testosterone Propionate100-200mg every other day100mg/ml5 bottles
Bulking cycle
1-5 weeksDianabol50mg per day50mg/ml4 bottles
1-12 weeksSustanon 250500mg per week250mg/ml3 bottles
1-12 weeksDeca-Durabolin500mg per week300mg/ml2 bottles
14-15 weeksNolvadex40mg per day20mg/ml5 bottles
16-17 weeksNolvadex20mg per day
Week 1-6Dianabol20mg-30mg every day50mg/ml2 bottles
Week 1-12Testosterone-Enanthate250mg-500mg per week300mg/ml2 bottles
Week 13-15take nothing and let the testosterone begin to clear out
Week 16-17Nolvadex40mg per day20mg/ml5 bottles
Week 18-19Nolvadex20mg per day
1-10 weeksAnavar5mg/day25mg/ml2 bottles
Winstrol5mg/day50mg/ml1 bottle
Steroid Cycle for Strength