Please check the <FAQ> before placing an order!

We're sorry that our official website is being updated, please contact us via email address or contact your saler rep.


1. Delivery time:

For the international shipping time, generally speaking, we will arrange shipping within 2 days after the accountant checks the payment.

Different products need different delivery methods.

UPS takes longer time than normal delivery method, if there is no special event, shipping time will be about 18 working days after the shipping agent send out the parcels.

DHL usually takes about 8 working days for the parcels to arrive if there is no special event.

Other questions about the shipping method and time, you can contact your rep.

Tracking number will be offered in a about one week after your order is made, because parcels sending from our team to the shipping agent need time, shipping agent send the parcels out also need time. Do not ask for tracking number when you just confirm the order with your rep.


2. Re-sending policy:

If unfortunately, the parcels were seized by customs, we have re-sending parcels policy to reduce our clients' risk.

Finished products parcels re-sending twice at most, powder products parcels re-sending once at most.

We do not take responsibility if you offer wrong address or you refuse to receive the parcels or there are no one at you address to receive your parcels.


3. Domestic delivery:

The parcels will be sent to our re-shipper signed by the guy there first. Then it will be sent to your address by domestic delivery. So your shipping address will never show to the customs. In this way, we can guarantee 100% delivery.

Your address should be offered within 24 hours after the parcels arrive at the re-shipper, or we will not take responsibility of the parcels if there is any problems.


4. Testing results, concentration:

All of our products are made with GMP standard and enough dosed, it’s common problem that the testing concentration results will have differences from the exact standard dosage, we do not judge the third-party testing organization’s accuracy. If you still have doubts on this, you can make an exact standard dosage products, then send it to the testing organization, the results will tell you.


5. Testing results, recipe:

In order make some oils dissolve totally and make the products easy to store and have better effects, we add some accessorizes, these are the core recipe of our products.

If you want us to follow your recipe, please tell us in advance.


6. Payment:

The parcels will be shipped out within 2 days after the accountant checks the payment if there is no special event. We only support WU, MG, BTC and Bank Transfer.


7.   Laws

Our products are for research and development only, not for other use.

Please check the laws of your country before you order any products. We will not be responsible in any way if you break the laws of where you live.