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Congratulate Phil Heath on Winning his 7th Mr. Olympia

Posted by SRHealthTech 19/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

Congratulate Phil Heath on Winning his 7th Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath is a long term victorious man. It is almost hard to remember whether he was defeated during the past 6 years, because he has won so many times in all kind of games. However, no one is born to be the winner. Success demands us to continue learning, being tempered, breaking himself, and self-improvement.

Draw lessons from failure

Heath's bodybuilding career was relatively smooth at the start of the competition at the level of the United States. After winning the national championship in 2005 and becoming a professional bodybuilder, Heath won the first two races in 2006. However, when Heath is still far from the point of perfection. With the Height of 1.75 meters and weight of 212 pounds of body, if the then Mr. Olympia had 212 pounds level race, Heath was very likely to participate in the game. That year, Heath's win is mainly by the overall beauty and game status, while figure is not his advantage.

In the 2007 Arnold tradition race, although 27-year-old Heath has the best game state, ultimately, he only won the fifth. Heath was not favored by public opinion, and people wondering if he had the ability to win the Arnolds championship, not to mention the Mr. Olympia.

But only less than a year later, Heath let those skeptical people surprise. He appeared on the stage of the Iron Man's Professional Invitational Tournament at 230 pounds of weight with a good status. People are pleasantly surprised to see a future super star of bodybuilding.

Within that year, Heath convert the feeling of failure into powerful impetus.

Lifelong Learning

In the summer of 2006, Heath and the Olympic Champion Joe Carter conducted a back training after Heath just won the first two professional athletic competition champion. In that training, Heath was very embarrassed, as he was unable to follow the pace and weight of Joe. It also makes Heath see the gap between himself and the top players. But more importantly, Heath learned a lot of first-hand experience from Carter , learned what kind of training to build the king of the Olympic Games.

In fact, Heath never stopped learning. As the saying goes, "Behind an able man there are always other able men" Life is constant learning and the process of transcending oneself. Even the teacher also learned a lot of things from the students.

Dare to dream

Heath publicly announced that he would win the Olympic champion ten times after he won the first Olympic champion in 2011. In the record of 52 Mr. Olympic Games, only 13 individuals won the champion.

At his 31 years oil, Heath became the 13th individual to win Mr. Olympia. Heath needs to use a  new and a more challenging dream to motivate himself. Therefore, his goal is not 3 times, 5 times, or even 8 times, 9 times won the Olympic champion, but 10times. Such a goal at first glance seems unrealistic, but with the current performance and status, it is not without the possibility of creating history. The greater the goal, the more able to stimulate people's potential.

Assess your weakness

Let’s go back to September in 2015, it was the fifth time that Heath had been the champion of Olympia. But Heath would check his contest pics with his coach Harney Raymond as usual and discussed the details to improve. Finally, they decided to get his legs improved. In view of the strong legs of his competitors, BIG RAMY and SHAWN RHODEN, Heath had to enhance his training on legs.

Therefore, Heath and his coach Harney Raymond made a new training plan, which made leg training a priority, Heath was required to train his leg muscles twice a week with a greater training volume and intensity.

It turned out that in 2016 Heath made great progress in his leg muscle groups in the Olympia Contest. Everyone has their weakness, you should assess yours objectively and try your best to improve, otherwise it will become worse and worse.

Keep with the winner’s demeanour

Victory is an art, you can’t lose your mentality and presence even though suffering the failure, you can’t make the positive feelings become the stumbling block to your future.

In the Olympia Contest in 2014, Kay Green swang his braid on Heath when they were doing modelling action, they almost got fight in the stage. In that contest, Heath was beated by Green in the side post. In addition, Heath got the better of Green in Arnold Tradition Contest in 2010, and arose an controversy. However, Heath always keeps his demeanour rather than trouble himself with his positive feelings. Of course, he will face his weakness directly with continuous improvement.

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